Emergency Bible Study - ‘Robert Zimmerman Practicing Guitar in Front of the Mirror’

Oi you, here’s a great new pix n mix of clips vid from Atlantic City’s Emergency Bible  Study.’Robert Zimmerman Practicing Guitar in Front of the Mirror’ is the lead single from their debut album.

We did mention it before, (don’t think it was downloadable back then though) but  ’Album 1’ is available (for free download) from the band’s bandcamp page. Our particular favourite is ‘Kid Atlantic City’ its top banana.

Mikal Cronin - ‘Apathy’

Garage Pop growler ‘Apathy’ is the lead single from Orange County’s Mikal Cronin’s debut album. Good isn’t it?

The album is out now on Trouble In Mind Records.

You can buy the album on LP (or if you a gaylord its out on CD too) here

Beta Blocker and the Body Clock - ‘Trudy Be True’

Some songs sound so much better when they are recorded cheaply, in fact at Fuzzbook the cheaper it is, the more we love it.

'Trudy Be True' by Oxford's Beta Blocker and the Body Clock is definitely one of those songs, it is beautifully fuzzy, and we think it might be one of the best DIY tracks we have heard for a while (mucho thankso to Sound Injections for this one)

You can download the whole 4 track EP at the bands bandcamp page. TiVo is another particularly good song.

Fuzztape Uno - Out Now

OK, the moment you have all been waiting for, our first mixtape and its fuzz galore. If you love your fuzz, you’ll love it, download below please, thanks


1. Tambourine - Pinata

2. You’re Mine - Devin

3. Please Be My Third Eye - La Sera

4. Blowing Kisses - Exlovers

5. Firerock - Girls on the Beach

6. Always Forever - Hunx

7. Sad Girls - Big Troubles

8. So Dead - Tearjerker

9. Slow Blown Limbs - Campfires

10. Arnold’s Song - The Creakies

11. Lip Curl - Best Friends

12. What’s Your Game - Black Tambourine

13. Tumble Down - Terry Malts

14. Sprint Break Up - TacocaT

15. Family Band - Wild Oats

Download Fuzztape Uno Here

Fanzine - ‘L.A’

We’ve talked about Fanzine before a couple times and if you haven’t realised by now, we think they are bloody ace.

Good news for all you Fanzine fans out there (including us, obvs.) they have a new smash hit called ‘L.A’ out on the 30th April via Best fit Records. Why not preorder the 7” here now!

Blooper - ‘Secret Song’

Seattle’s Fuzzpop funsters Blooper have today released their new single ‘Secret Song’.

The band have released the song for free on their bandcamp page. Everyone knows we love fuzz at Fuzzbook and this is a lovely bit of fuzz for all to enjoy. Download it now, yeah?

Slow Animal - ‘Liar’

'Liar' is our favourite track from New Jersey Garage Fuzzers Slow Animal's self-titled album.

The band have self released the debut album which can be downloaded in its entirety for free from their website and Soundcloud, which is very generous of them isnt it?

If you like this track then why not try the whole lot here. Go on we dare you.

Terry Malts - ‘Something About You’

'Something About You' is a great video from California chainsaw poppers Terry Malts (They are a 3-piece, not actually a guy called Terry)

The video is a bit mental because the song plays throughout however alot of the video its just in the background, interesting though, very interesting.

The track comes from the bands new album ‘Killing Time’ which is available now from Slumberland records  http://www.slumberlandrecords.com/catalog/show/206 


Borders - ‘Morning Sun’

This is the video for Morning Sun by Borders (No, not the popular ex-bookshop chain).

Borders is a one-man band from Fuzzbook’s current favourite European (excluding UK) city Barcelona.

From what we hear Borders only have one song out at the moment, but its a beaut we reckon. 

Viva Spanish Fuzz!

Treefort - ‘Tres Fort’

Treefort are the boyfriend/girlfriend band of Wes Doyle (from the band Slow Loris) and Elsa Nekola. Their debut album ‘Tres Fort’ was released on Valentine’s Day and is still avaiable on a limited edition purple cassette. (doesnt all this make you do a little sick in your mouth?)

Well, now you have recovered from your so called ‘sick-fest’, you can listen to the album because it is really really good, lovely guitar fuzz throughout.

You can order the tape from here. For anyone who cares, We would strongly recommend it. Our particular favourite is ‘Telephone’.

Tearjerker - ‘So Dead’

'So Dead' is our favourite song from Tearjerker's album 'Rare'.

Its a fuzzy mess from Toronto, which is the best type of mess from Toronto, we love it.

Have a goosey ganders and we are sure you’ll love it too, you can get the whole album form their bandcamp here -http://tearjerker.bandcamp.com/album/rare