Allah-Las - Sacred Sands

New video, perfect song to wake up to.

Long live Allah-Las!

Sunny - ‘So Cool’

Perth Lo-fi beach pop duo Sunny have returned with a new track ‘So Cool’.

The aussie band had promised on their facebook page that when the weather in Perth hit 30 degrees they would we release a song from their upcoming EP. It did and they lived up to their promise and released ‘So Cool’. Originally this made us hate them as it’s 30 degrees over there and that’s not fair but then we heard the song and they were redeemed because its brilliant and it’s beachy poolside vibes kind of warmed us up a little bit.

The EP is due out early next year. ‘So Cool’ can be downloaded free from BANDCAMP now.

Fuzztape Uno - Out Now

OK, the moment you have all been waiting for, our first mixtape and its fuzz galore. If you love your fuzz, you’ll love it, download below please, thanks


1. Tambourine - Pinata

2. You’re Mine - Devin

3. Please Be My Third Eye - La Sera

4. Blowing Kisses - Exlovers

5. Firerock - Girls on the Beach

6. Always Forever - Hunx

7. Sad Girls - Big Troubles

8. So Dead - Tearjerker

9. Slow Blown Limbs - Campfires

10. Arnold’s Song - The Creakies

11. Lip Curl - Best Friends

12. What’s Your Game - Black Tambourine

13. Tumble Down - Terry Malts

14. Sprint Break Up - TacocaT

15. Family Band - Wild Oats

Download Fuzztape Uno Here

Wild Oats - ‘Family Band’

Congratulations you have got through the week! Here’s a bit of sun-drenched garage pop to celebrate. 

It’s ‘Family Band’ the latest single from Australia’s Wild Oats. Its probably sunny in Australia now isn’t it? (bastards) anyway if you are in wet England just put it on and pretend your down under (watching Home and Away and drinking a Fosters)

Oh yeah and more good news, you can download the song straight from Soundcloud below.

Evans The Death - ‘Telling Lies’

'Telling Lies' is the first single from Slumberland's latest signing Evans The Death's upcoming S/T album.

Alright, alright we know. This song surfaced on Soundcloud 21 days ago! get over it, we’ve posted it now! Even Jesus missed the occasional blog now and then.

Anyway, the song is out today, you can buy it here.

Best Friends - ‘Throwing Up’

Best friends are a garage surfpop band from Sheffield. Their second EP ‘Throwing Up’ is to be released on the 26th March 2012 via our Fuzzbook favourites Art is Hard Records.

You can stream the album from the bands bandcamp page. The physical album will be released on CD with a special edition 12 page photobook. Its limited to 100 so we’d suggest you preorder and quick!

We think this one is an absolute must! and with the sun poking his head round the corner (with his hat on) its perfect timing for a bit of DIY surfpop like this.

Girls on the Beach - ‘Firerock’

This is ‘Firerock’ by Orlando garage poppers Girls on the Beach.

The track comes from their 2 track self-titled EP released from their Bandcamp page in January.

Sometimes when we like a track we try to find out more but there just isnt any information around, unfortunately this is one of those cases, I guess we will just have to find out more when it happens. 

Lizzie and the Yes Men - ‘You and I Both Know’

East London’s Lizzie and The Yes Men describe themselves as Tarantino Surf Pop and its easy to tell why from their video ‘You and I Both Know’.

We think the video is a lovely companion to the Tarantino Surf Pop theme. Lovely Stuff. 

They have been around the block for a few months now having played a few good venues such as The Hoxton Bar and XOYO. We think they are going to balloon very soon.

Oh yeah and Lizzie & Co’s single ‘Boardwalk’ was the theme tune to ‘The Fabulous Baker Brothers’. Trust us you’ll recognise it when you hear it.


New Hunx video for “Private Room.” Dir. Hannah Lew.

Another lovely video from Hunx.

We’ve mentioned it one or two times but we cant wait for ‘Hairdresser Blues’ which for those who ignored us the previous few times is out on the 28th!

Do it do it

The Tough Shits - ‘Cats & Dogs’

Its no secret that we at Fuzzbook love Burger Records and by george we think they have done it again.

Their latest release (with Colonel Records) is The Tough Shits’ debut LP and from what we have heard it is mental good. The Tough Shits provide a surf pop sandwich where one piece of bread is great melodies and the other piece of bread is catchy riffs and the filling is ….good songs or something (Yeah, I got bored of that analogy too) but they are good.

Oh yeah and make sure you get it quick because the first 300 copies are Gold discs.

You may purchase here, yeah? - 

Tennis - ‘Origins’

Fuzzbook favourites Tennis have released a video for their track ‘Origins’ from their album ‘Young and Old’ which is out now on Fat Possum.

Its a great track (which is good for your ears) and there are gunmen on skis in the video (which is good for your eyes).

Hunx - ‘Always Forever’

Huzzah! ‘Always Forever’ is the first solo video from Hunx, who you may know from his band Hunx and his Punx. 

Hunx was once described as making ‘hairdresser pop’, although, like Hunx himself, we are not really sure what that means, we do think its is somehow apt, it just fits doesnt it?

Hunx’s debut solo album ‘Hairdresser Blues’ is out 28th February via the lovely Hardly Art. 

You may buy the album here go on, go on, go on