Molly Soda / Whorish Boorish Zine EP

Artist Molly Soda has penned the brand new zine to go with Miami DIYer Whorish Boorish’s latest EP ‘Bubbles’.

The zine EP comes via London’s Crumb Cabin who are set to release a whole series of Zine collaborations between artists and musicians, which believe you me is going to include many fuzzbook favourites, so you lot should definitely keep an eye out at CRUMB CABIN

Vrreeb - ‘Orange’

Hypnotic reverb pop from London’s Vrreeb.

'Orange' comes from the new debut EP 'Those Days Forever'. 1 of 3 hazey shoegazey tracks which are all soaked through with reverb, which probably suggests why the duo have used an anagram of the word for their name. Great stuff.

Download the EP for free from BANDCAMP now. 

Keebo - ‘Native American’

Here’s the new Video for this ace track from London girlsome Keebo.

Ides - ‘Better’

London’s Ides AKA Alana McArdle returns with heartstring pulling new EP ‘Songs about Love/Hate’.

'Better' is the opening track from the 'Sadcore' EP and sets the tone perfectly as it is followed by another 3 tracks of great harrowing chilled fuzz.

'Songs about Love/Hate' is released by REEKS OF EFFORT on the 10th April and is available as a DL or limited tape.

Weird Menace - ‘Beyond Belief’

'Beyond Belief' is the first offering from London 3-piece Weird Menace's upcoming self-titled EP cassette.

Weird Menace are new to the world of internet music blogs having preferred to get their music out there by the old fashioned methods of gigs and record shops. That was until now, because someone at Suplex cassettes must have convinced them to make a tape and get out on the net. Thanks goodness they did, because ‘Beyond Belief’ is a great piece of simple stripped back garage-pop. 

The EP is released through SUPLEX on 18th March, with a tape release gig at Power Lunches on the 14th to boot.

Mazes - ‘Skulking’

From the new album ‘Ores and Minerals’. Out 18th Feb on Fat Cat Records.

Au.Ra - ‘Sun’

'Sun' is a glistening new slice of glo-fi from London/Sydney's Au.Ra.

This great debut is aptly named. From the moment you press play Sun’s shimmering dream pop rays seem to penetrate our gloomy British clouds and bring a bit of sunshine to December.

'Sun' is available to download free from SOUNDCLOUD now.

Cougar Springs - ‘Me and Mine’

'Me and Mine' is the debut track from new London garage-poppers Cougar Springs.

This is one of those tracks that you find, love and can’t find out anything about. There is near to no information out there about Cougar Springs, which is surely intentional because ‘Me and Mine’ is a winner that would surely be making more waves than it has so far, if they wanted it to.

Lets hope there’s some more coming soon from these guys.


'THANKS 4 EVRYTHING DAVE' is the first preview from fuzzy hit-maker JOEY FOURR's upcoming cassette 'WE EP'.

JOEY is an EP machine at the moment, ‘WE EP’ is his third in the last six months. Previous effort ‘Crack is Whack’ is still a permanent fixture in the Fuzzbook household, and we are literally taking a shit in excitement for JOEY’s new tape.

'WE EP' is being released by Bad Paintings on December 10th. You can pre-order now. Oh, and it comes with a screenprint made by the man himself. 

Keebo - ‘Native American’

London fuzz-pop foursome Keebo have been topping up their soundcloud page with news hits for a while, but the recent ‘Native American’ has really grabbed fuzzbook’s attention.

After seeing Keebo live at The Mustache Bar a few months ago, I’ve been waiting for a recording to sound as good as they did live. The wait is over. ‘Native American’ is a real foot tapper, it sounds very Seattlean whilst keeping the English sound of the likes of Novella and Fear of Men. Looking forward to more like this from Keebo.

Dead Coast - ‘She’s Living in the Sun’

60’s surf throwbacks Dead Coast are back with their 2nd self titled EP.

'She's Living in the Sun' is the opening track from the EP. It's kling klang guitars and vintage feel sets it right up fuzzbook's alley. Lets jive.

Download the EP now from BANDCAMP for a measly £2.