Just Handshakes - ‘Say It’

Leeds based indie-poppers Just Handshakes have announced their debut LP ‘Say It’ which is available to be pre-ordered now.

Copies appear to be selling fast so get your purchasing hat on and pre-order a copy now, before they sell out.

The vinyl is released by BLEEDING GOLD RECORDS on May 20th. People in the UK can also order through BANDCAMP for cheaper delivery charges.

Menace Beach - ‘Tastes Like Medicine’

Fuzzbook readers should thank Leeds meltdown poppers Menace Beach. I’ve been in hospital for the last few weeks, and have been looking for a killer track to give me a bit of inspiration to get posting again since I’ve been back home, well BLAM! ‘Tastes Like Medicine’ is that track and Fuzzbook is back. BLAM! BLAM!

I’ve been super looking forward to the next studio tracks from Menace Beach since playing my ‘Dream Out’ tape to death, and the good news is the new double A kicks off where ‘Dream Out’ finished. These guys should be more known than they are for sure, hopely it wont be long before the explode.

Pre-order the ‘Too Pure Singles Club’ now on 7” from ROUGH TRADE.

Eagulls - ‘Coffin’

Leeds’ favourite garage-poppers (well, our favourite garage-pop band from Leeds anyway) Eagulls are to release a new EP via Sexbeat.

'Coffin' is taken from the 5-track EP which will be released on transparent green 12” on July 16th.

Better set an alarm, they might sell like hot cross buns.