Fruit Tones - ‘One Foot Loose’

Must have missed this video when it came out a few weeks ago. Is it me or does it look a little similar to the Super Market Sweep song video. Oh well, the song is great and it’s still one of the best tapes I’ve purchased all year.


Summer Twins - ‘Forget Me’

Yes, that’s right. The new video from Summer Twins.

They won the fuzzbook album of the year prize last year and it looks like they are carrying on the form with the excellent ‘Forget Me’. 

7” is coming via Burger on June 25th.

Wyatt Blair - ‘Money, Honey’

LA based slackerpopper Wyatt Blair has released his debut full length on everyone’s favourite west coast label Burger Records.

Like label pals Summer Twins and Peach Kelli Pop, Wyatt delivers wonderful shabby summer pop ideal for boogiey down with chums.

Download from digitally from BANDCAMP or get the tape from BURGER now.

G A L P A L S - For Our Sake

The great debut 7” from Austin’s Galpals is out 18th Feb on Howling Owl Records.

Girls On The Beach - ‘Fashionably Late’

Fans of Fuzzbook will remember Oldando’s Girls On The Beach from our mega huge smash hit mixtape Fuzzbook Uno.

Well, it’s good news because the boys are back with a new cassette.

'Untitled (The Girl Tape)' is a lo-fi surfpop lovers dream, oozing fuzzy riffs and attitude in short but sweet two minute blasts. The first track 'Fashionably Late' is our personal favourite of the four.

The cassette and is available now via Godless America Records. Digital music fans / robots can also stream the album on BANDCAMP. (You can order the tape from bandcamp too)

Scribbler - ‘No Curtains’

'No Curtains' by Scribbler appears on the Khyber Compilation Vol.II which is a compilation made by The Khyber Art Space in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The tape features various songs from local bands.

The tape was released in March. Scribbler’s track is our favourite but you can listen to the whole lot on bandcamp.

Gorgeous Bully - ‘You Can’t Fight the Sickness with Tea and Biscuits’

We couldn’t believe our luck when we saw Plymouth’s Gorgeous Bully was releasing another EP so soon after ‘The Young Obese’ then we heard it and we couldn’t believe our luck again, because it’s even better.

'You Cant Fight the Sickness with Tea and Biscuits' is a beautiful mess of DIY fuzz of the first degree, we absolutely love it. 

To top it off, you can name your price for it on their bandcamp page. Make sure you give something though, it’s definitely deserved.

Long live Gorgeous Bully.

Mikal Cronin - ‘Apathy’

Garage Pop growler ‘Apathy’ is the lead single from Orange County’s Mikal Cronin’s debut album. Good isn’t it?

The album is out now on Trouble In Mind Records.

You can buy the album on LP (or if you a gaylord its out on CD too) here

Wild Oats - ‘Family Band’

Congratulations you have got through the week! Here’s a bit of sun-drenched garage pop to celebrate. 

It’s ‘Family Band’ the latest single from Australia’s Wild Oats. Its probably sunny in Australia now isn’t it? (bastards) anyway if you are in wet England just put it on and pretend your down under (watching Home and Away and drinking a Fosters)

Oh yeah and more good news, you can download the song straight from Soundcloud below.

Best Friends - ‘Throwing Up’

Best friends are a garage surfpop band from Sheffield. Their second EP ‘Throwing Up’ is to be released on the 26th March 2012 via our Fuzzbook favourites Art is Hard Records.

You can stream the album from the bands bandcamp page. The physical album will be released on CD with a special edition 12 page photobook. Its limited to 100 so we’d suggest you preorder and quick!

We think this one is an absolute must! and with the sun poking his head round the corner (with his hat on) its perfect timing for a bit of DIY surfpop like this.