Sauna Heat - ‘Singles 2012’ « Cassette Store Day 2013

Yup, you guessed it (probably) Fuzzbook is getting in on the Cassette Store Day 2013 action. To celebrate the aceness of tapes on this prestigious day, we will be releasing a singles collection from Sauna Heat.

Being one of the most prolific bands around last year, there were many rip-roaring stonkers to choose from, the limited blue cassette will contain 8 of the best.

'Singles 2012' will be released for Cassette Store Day on 7th September 2013. Limited to 50.

To pre-order a tape head on over to our trusty BANDCAMP page now. They only cost a measly £3.50 so you have no excuse no to yeah.



1. ‘Someday’ - The Growlers
2. ‘Love’ - Hamjam
3. ‘One Foot Loose’ - Fruit Tones
4. ‘Frightened Face’ - The Everywheres
5. ‘Bad Skin’ - Hunx & His Punx
6. ‘Crushed’ - Sight Seeing
7. ‘Compassion Fatigue’ - Pandercakes
8. ‘Digital Lobotomy’ - Native America
9. ‘Coffee In The Morning’ - The Sweets
10. ‘Domino Moon’ - Jacuzzi Boys
11. ‘Up and Down’ - Eerie Glue
12. ‘Beaucoup’ - Gorgeous Bully
13. ‘Bodies’ - The Black Tambourines
14. ‘This Place’ - Obviously


Sauna Heat Cassettes Released Today!

Its official our ‘Alter Eagle’ / ‘Youngblood’ cassettes from Savannah garage-pop ace Sauna Heat are released today!

The naughty/nice tape features Sauna Heat’s fuzz-poppy ‘Alter Eagle EP’ on one side with the thrashy live DIY EP ‘Youngblood’ looming on the other, leaving you to choose depending on your mood. 

Head on over to BANDCAMP now to get one. There’s no more waiting around, we’ll ship it straight away.

MEGAPOST - Pinata / Furguson / Triathalon / Wet Socks / Sunny / Something

Do you ever have weekends when you seem to stumble upon great track after great track, I do occasionally and they are good weekends. This weekend was one of those weekends, there were so many ace releases that I am just going to have to jumble them into one mega post for you today. 

Are you ready? Here goes.

Pinata - Mexican Machotes

More great pop from Barcelona scamps Pinata. Taken from the new EP ‘Amics / Enemics’ out now on Hao! Discos

Ferguson - Sattva

Taken from upcoming LP ‘The Leap Year’. Released in April via La Castanya.

Triathalon - ‘Don’t Leave’

Savannah surf-pop 4some Triathalon return with soaking new EP ‘Vibes’. Available now on BANDCAMP.

Wet Socks - ‘In My Head’

Triathalon guitarist Hunter Jayne AKA Wet Socks has also dropped a new track previewing upcoming EP ‘Dirty Dirty’. Stream from BANDCAMP now.

Sunny - ‘DEAD!’

Aussie beach-pop duo Sunny have released their first full length ‘Luxury’. Available for free from BANDCAMP now.

Something - Lo;Behold

Oliver Catt (Formerly the man behind Fantasy Rainbow) has revealed a first glimpse at a possible new direction with latest project Something. This track is taken from upcoming limited cassette ‘What’ (via ASFDG Records)

Sauna Heat - ‘Alter Eagle / Youngblood’ Cassette Released March 25th

Good news gang! Fuzzbook is releasing a new tape! It’s been a few months since the last but it is very exciting to announce the release of  Savannah based Garage-fuzz DIYer Sauna Heat’s debut cassette. This isn’t just any tape though, this is 2 EPs in one. 

The naughty/nice tape features Sauna Heat’s fuzz-poppy ‘Alter Eagle EP’ on one side with the thrashy live DIY EP ‘Youngblood’ looming on the other, allowing you to choose depending on your mood. It depends if you are looking to dance or smash some stuff up. Your choice.

This is an uber-limited release with just 25 numbered cassettes being released. The tapes will feature interchangeable ’Alter Eagle’ and ‘Youngblood’ covers.

The cassettes are to be released on 25th March 2013 and can be ordered now via BANDCAMP

We <3 DIY.

New Fuzztape - ‘FIY’


This week Fuzzbook is celebrating it’s 1st Birthday! Mental huh?

This gives us as good an excuse as any to make a new fuzztape for your ears. Play it loud and invite all your friends round for a ‘Fuzzbook is 1 party’ or you can just listen to it on your own, either way is cool.

Thanks for reading for the last year. Huzzah!


1. ‘Trudy Pt. 2’ - Beta Blocker and the Body Clock
2. ‘Let’s Crowdsurf Mike Stevens’ - No Monster Club
3. ‘Following’ - The Paellas
4. ‘Be Mine (It Matters)’ - Whorish Boorish
5. ‘She’s Not My Girl’ - Sauna Heat
6. ‘Bear In Chains’ - Gorgeous Bully
7. ‘
С Новым Годом (שנה טובה)’ - Beachniks
8. ‘So Cool’ - Sunny
9. ‘Time To Go’ - Treatment
10. ‘Sunshine’ - Summerays
11. ‘Teenage Jesus’ - Menace Beach
12. ‘,45’ - Girls on the Beach
13. ‘Love (Inspired by Honeyslide)’ - The Boys Age
14. ‘Devil In His Heart’ - Koko Beware
15. ‘Black Hole’ - Spaace Girl
16. ‘Dropla’ - Youth Lagoon


Top 25 Releases of 2012


It’s December and therefore here comes the Fuzzbook Top 25 Releases of 2012. Whether it is an album, an EP or a single it doesn’t matter, if it is good enough it’s here. So if you like your music fuzzy and your album of the year lists with difficult to read banners, this is the one for you.

Click on the banners below to be magically transported by computer to a stream of the album you have chosen. Enjoy.






















No. 5 comes from Sheffield’s favourite surf-poppers Best Friends. It’s not no.1 in this list but it would definitely be no.1 in catchiest EP’s of the year, every song is guaranteed whistler. ‘Throwing Up’ was a true soundtrack to the summer of 2012. 


South Carolina’s Elvis Depressedly makes it to no.4 with DIY full length ‘Mickey’s Dead’. This is an album that is filled with amazing and slightly twisted lyrics crafted in to beautiful laidback tracks prefect for rainy days, long bus rides or long bus rides in the rain.


Possibly the coolest band in the world right now, Allah Las, hit no.3. The self-titled debut from these throwback westcoasters was probably the most anticipated album of the year here at Fuzzbook after hearing ‘Catamaran’ and ‘Tell Me What’s On Your Mind’ early in the year, it was just a shame there was a wait till the Winter to get it because it would have made great summer car/beach/boat/bike music.


Long live DIY. The no.2 spot goes to the South-west’s (now Manchester’s) Gorgeous Bully. ‘The Young Obese’ is a perfect example of the type of great fuzz that is being made is garages and bedrooms across the UK these days. It’s oozing with attitude, spunk, pizazz and other words to that affect. Gorgeous Bully must have an eye or 2 kept on them 2013. This was the EP that put Art is Hard on our map, and we haven’t looked back since. 


Fuzzbook’s no.1 release of 2012 goes to the debut self-titled pop masterclass from California’s Summer Twins. As you can tell from the top 25, Fuzzbook <3’s the Californian sound and few can do it quite like Summer Twins. When this album was released in January, I wrote that I hoped it’s appeal lasted till the summer, well it’s now December and it’s still a staple in the player and will be for a while.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween ghouls and ghoulettes! 

We’ve still got a few Worry Toobs cassettes knocking around, and thought what better present to give you lot at Halloween than beach-pop tapes at a slightly reduced price. Yes, that’s right, from Halloween until Bonfire Night (That’s the 5th of November, for those of you outside the UK) you can get your hands on any remaining tapes for a measly £2.50. They are frightfully good!

Order from BANDCAMP now.

Get them whillllleeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu caaaahhhhhhhhhhn!

Tollens - ‘Drowning in a Dream’ « OUT NOW

Yes, it’s true! The new Tollens EP ‘Drowning in a Dream’ is now available for download via Fuzzbook. 

For those of you who didn’t catch his previous single ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die’, that we released earlier in the year; Tollens is the project of Malta’s Ryan Formosa. All tracks are written and recorded by Tollens himself. Long life DIY lo-fi pop!

Woozier, fuzzier and more intriguing. ‘Drowning in a Dream’ is an album that connects with the listener on many levels. With the ups of ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘Dear Friend’ and the downs of ‘Monster’ and ‘Just Another Sad Song’ this EP is a proverbial bedroom-pop roller-coaster. Let’s ride.

The whole EP is avaialble to stream and download free from BANDCAMP now. You can also check out this and more from Tollens on his SOUNDCLOUD.

Balue - ‘Worry Toobs’ - Limited Edition Cassette

Yes, you guessed it! the time is here. Fuzzbook’s first cassette release.

We will be releasing a run of 50 limited edition tapes of ‘Worry Toobs’ by Denver based surf-pop maestro Balue. 

'Worry Toobs' is an exquisite 5-track slice of surf-pop. The perfect accompaniment to any BBQing, sunbathing and/or roller skating you are planning on doing.

The tapes will be released on 16th July, but we would suggest you get in early and pre-order to save any tears as these might sell like incredibly hot cakes.

To listen / purchase visit Fuzzbook’s BANDCAMP now 

Tollens - ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die’ - Download Now

Hey yall, I’m sure everyone has put it in their diary and has been counting down for the last 2 weeks, but today is the day you can download our first single on Fuzzbook, ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die’ by Tollens.

As if by magic it’s sunny outside today where we are, hopefully it is where you are too, so put it on and bask in the sunshine with a lovely bit of Matlese dream-pop.

We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the track, and we will love you forever if you take the time to listen/download.

Do it now, do it, do it. 

Yours sincerely



Tollens - ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die’

Bosh! we have started a label.

The first single released on Fuzzbook is ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die’ by Malta’s DIY Dream-pop newcomer Tollens, with it’s fuzzy vocals and dreamy keys we think ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die’ is one of those tracks you can put on through headphones and drift away.

The single with B-side ‘Things Will Get Better’ is available to stream now on BANDCAMP and will be available for free download from the 21st May. 

Go on have a listen, do it, do it.