Emergency Bible Study - ‘Robert Zimmerman Practicing Guitar in Front of the Mirror’

Oi you, here’s a great new pix n mix of clips vid from Atlantic City’s Emergency Bible  Study.’Robert Zimmerman Practicing Guitar in Front of the Mirror’ is the lead single from their debut album.

We did mention it before, (don’t think it was downloadable back then though) but  ’Album 1’ is available (for free download) from the band’s bandcamp page. Our particular favourite is ‘Kid Atlantic City’ its top banana.

Fuzztape Uno - Out Now

OK, the moment you have all been waiting for, our first mixtape and its fuzz galore. If you love your fuzz, you’ll love it, download below please, thanks


1. Tambourine - Pinata

2. You’re Mine - Devin

3. Please Be My Third Eye - La Sera

4. Blowing Kisses - Exlovers

5. Firerock - Girls on the Beach

6. Always Forever - Hunx

7. Sad Girls - Big Troubles

8. So Dead - Tearjerker

9. Slow Blown Limbs - Campfires

10. Arnold’s Song - The Creakies

11. Lip Curl - Best Friends

12. What’s Your Game - Black Tambourine

13. Tumble Down - Terry Malts

14. Sprint Break Up - TacocaT

15. Family Band - Wild Oats

Download Fuzztape Uno Here

Beach House -‘Myth’

We think everyone must have heard it by now, but if not* here it is! The new Beach House track from their upcoming album ‘Bloom’

*Why not?