No Monster Club - ‘Damn The Weather’

Dublin’s best popsters are back with a new tape. Its ships 13th December. Pre order now from BANDCAMP.

The Hairs - ‘Call Me Mista’

Brooklyn DIYers The Hairs return with new EP ‘Call Me Mista’. Out now for £3 digital download on BANDCAMP.

Surf Curse - ‘Beach Whatever’

Taken from the new EP ‘Sad Boys’ out now on tape. Get it on BANDCAMP.

Temple Songs - ‘I Can’t Look After You’

New Video! Each song from these guys is better than the last. Love this.

7” out 14th October via RIP Records.

Winter - ‘Alligator’

'Alligator' is the latest track from Boston beach poppers Winter.

I was a big fan of Winters debut EP ‘Daydreaming’ which came out at the end of last year but much to my surprise ‘Alligator’ sees the band take it up another notch still. A little more catchy and a little more clever guitar work than their previous tracks makes this a perfect end of the summer ditty.

Download ‘Alligator’ from BANDCAMP now.

Rice Milk - ‘nnnv’

New video for ‘nnnv’ which is taken from Rice Milk’s upcoming cassette on ASDFG records.



1. ‘Someday’ - The Growlers
2. ‘Love’ - Hamjam
3. ‘One Foot Loose’ - Fruit Tones
4. ‘Frightened Face’ - The Everywheres
5. ‘Bad Skin’ - Hunx & His Punx
6. ‘Crushed’ - Sight Seeing
7. ‘Compassion Fatigue’ - Pandercakes
8. ‘Digital Lobotomy’ - Native America
9. ‘Coffee In The Morning’ - The Sweets
10. ‘Domino Moon’ - Jacuzzi Boys
11. ‘Up and Down’ - Eerie Glue
12. ‘Beaucoup’ - Gorgeous Bully
13. ‘Bodies’ - The Black Tambourines
14. ‘This Place’ - Obviously


No Monster Club - ‘(I Think You Could Only Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun’

New Vid // Track taken from the forthcoming album

Wussy Cat - ‘Knife For a Dog Fight’

‘Knife for a Dog Fight’ is taken from Oregon based Wussy Cat’s slightly mad new lo-fi EP ‘VVVSSY’.

Listening to the EP, I am enjoying it’s kooky DIY sounds but I can’t help thinking that Wussy Cat was probably wearing a straight jacket when he recorded it. Pure but great madness.

Download ‘VVVSSY’ from BANDCAMP now. Also available is a limited edition print / DL pack.

Ladada - ‘Comets’

Feeling the heat today? Good, me too. You’ll like this one then. ‘Comets’ is a belter from the new self-titled EP by Virginia Beach’s Ladada.

This is a track that I think will be perfect for any situation. Sunny weekend, rainy Tuesday, house party, cross country road trip. You name it, this is probably the correct track for the situation. Fuzz Hat is off to Ladada.

More good news, you can stream and DL this and the rest of the self-titled EP now from BANDCAMP.