Summer Twins - ‘Forget Me’

Yes, that’s right. The new video from Summer Twins.

They won the fuzzbook album of the year prize last year and it looks like they are carrying on the form with the excellent ‘Forget Me’. 

7” is coming via Burger on June 25th.

Wyatt Blair - ‘Money, Honey’

LA based slackerpopper Wyatt Blair has released his debut full length on everyone’s favourite west coast label Burger Records.

Like label pals Summer Twins and Peach Kelli Pop, Wyatt delivers wonderful shabby summer pop ideal for boogiey down with chums.

Download from digitally from BANDCAMP or get the tape from BURGER now.

Tashaki Miyaki - ‘Keep Me in Mind’


We’ve talked about Tashaki Miyaki numerous times before, they are definitely official Fuzzbook favourites, so not much needs to be said again except for the fact they have just re-released their S/T EP, this time on tape via fellow Fuzzbook favs Burger Records. Match made in heaven! Check out ‘Keep Me in Mind’ from the tape below.

The S/T cassette is limited to 250 copies. Get it from BURGER now.


Summer Twins - I Will Love You


We have a NEW MUSIC VIDEO for our song, “I Will Love You!!”

We filmed this in February in my grandma’s empty house with a cheesy video camera, and I edited it while we were on the road.



The Tough Shits - ‘Cats & Dogs’

Its no secret that we at Fuzzbook love Burger Records and by george we think they have done it again.

Their latest release (with Colonel Records) is The Tough Shits’ debut LP and from what we have heard it is mental good. The Tough Shits provide a surf pop sandwich where one piece of bread is great melodies and the other piece of bread is catchy riffs and the filling is ….good songs or something (Yeah, I got bored of that analogy too) but they are good.

Oh yeah and make sure you get it quick because the first 300 copies are Gold discs.

You may purchase here, yeah? - 

Gap Dream ‘Scary Dennis’

One of Fuzzbook’s favourite record companys Burger Records has released 250 numbered cassettes of Gap Dream’s self-titled debut album.

You can only find 3 tracks on soundcloud but all 3 are great, delivering fuzz in the classic form. That’s something we at Fuzzbook love to hear. We found the swell ‘Scary Dennis’ to be the pick of the bunch.

So don’t go and buy Lana Del Rey today like the rest of the northern hemisphere. Head over to and buy a little doozy of an album on cassette, it’ll be much better and it will make you way cooler than those other shitmunchers too.

Summer Twins - The Perfect Antidote to the January Blues

Summer Twins

If, like me, all you have heard about today is how good First Aid Kit’s new album is but you want to be cooler by suggesting an alternative; you should check out Summer Twins, whos self titled album was also released yesterday as is a blinder. 

'Summer Twins' is packed full of fantastic dreamy fuzzy songs, perfect for any fuzzbook reader. The lead single 'I Dont Care' which fans will know as it was released in November, bobs along beautifully making you long for the summer and not shitty January, which for me makes the perfect antidote for the January blues. Just turn on and float away. 

Another pick of the album is ‘Picking Daisies’ excuse the pun, in which their trademark jingly jangly guitar shines and builds into a brilliant instramental before slowing down back down to a close leaving you hoping for more.

All this said, for me this is the best album of January 23rd, possibly January, possibly the first quarter of 2012, possibly 2012. Its a little too early to call; however it wasnt too early for me to set a reminder on my phone for the first day of summer to make certain I get this album out again if it isnt already. 


The album was released on California’s Burger Records.

You can buy it here -